Architect from Andrés Bello National University.

Diploma in Sustainable Architecture Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Jewelry Studies at Escuela Tacto, Pamela de la Fuente, and specific courses with Carles Codina and Jorge Castañon.

Professor of "Experimental Jewelry" Workshop ENAA National School of Applied Arts. Teacher in "Materials: Wood and new technologies" course at Pamela de la Fuente School. Director of "Ornamental" Fab Lab Santiago. Research, contemporary jewelery and digital manufacturing space.  

One of my concerns and ways of expressing has to do with the art of jewelry. Being able to talk about dreams, ideas, observations, current problems and transform them into real and tangible objects is a way of creating, projecting and manifesting mini-portable sculptures.

My search mainly has to do with observing the details given by nature. On the other hand, my training as an architect has led me to discover topics to be developed on a different scale, understand and project from a process and a creative proposal that also includes research, history and critical thinking when designing a collection .

Ornamental research space FAB LAB Santiago seeks to rethink the concept of materiality and the way to build a jewelry proposal. The name Ornamental, has as main objective to question the definition of ORNAMENT as an element or composition that serves to "embellish" a body or an object. This space invites us to reflect on a form of expression which speaks of our own culture and a current reality, where the main support is the body.


JoyaBrava is a non-profit trade union association that gathers more than 30 contemporary Chilean jewellers, who work the jewellery as a means of artistic expression,  investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.

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