The work of this visual artist and jeweler, has been developed under the principle of observation, intuition and meditation with the space in nature, the environment and her own internal landscape. The observation of this, the processes and transformations that forms and materials suffer over the time, are part of the creative phase and contents that the artist works. The trimming as a transfer operation, the line and the black and white, the feminine-masculine opposition, fragile-hard, jewel-painting, straight-curve, body-object is applied as an exterior landscape including invented objects, jewels to use, forming a dual territory and contradictory, but at the same time simple and pure, essential. The internal processes led to a visual work that links small pieces of objects, metals and textiles intervened poetically, transformed into a new imaginary that is treasured as an amulet to rescue that intimate and dual experience. She make individual and group classes around the creation of objects and jewelry personal items to be used as amulets, using different art techniques and experimentation.


JoyaBrava is a non-profit trade union association that gathers more than 27 contemporary Chilean jewellers, who work the jewellery as a means of artistic expression, investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.

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