I graduated with a Bachelor in Arts, while I studied jewellery at the same time. These two careers complemented, giving me the tools to search for a new view of jewellery. When I started working in the field 20 years ago, jewellery in Chile was very traditional. My goal ever since has been to innovate creating a personal and unique body of work.

I see myself as an urban artisan. I believe that jewelers and the contemporary artists have opened themselves to new horizons, with an emphasis on handcrafting.

Throughout the years, I’ve studied different techniques to incorporate into my work. It is an endless learning. There’s always something new to investigate. This is what moves me.

I’ve been working for 10 years in filigree, an ancient technique that captivated me. My contribution has been to work this technique in copper, a Chilean material, leading me to innovate in Chilean handcraft and to obtain various prices and recognition, such as

Seal of Excellence in Crafts 2009, Seal of Excellence in Crafts 2010 and

UNESCO Recognition of Excellence in Crafts South America 2010, with the necklace “Kalwe”.

Being honoured with these awards has allow me to present my work in various exhibitions and fairs in Chile and overseas.


JoyaBrava is a non-profit trade union association that gathers more than 30 contemporary Chilean jewellers, who work the jewellery as a means of artistic expression,  investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.

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