Born in Santiago de Chile on 1973, I have both Chilean and Spanish nationalities. I´m a jeweller and graphic designer. I graduated in 1997 as a designer in Chile and since 2001 I live in Barcelona. I also have a master’s degree in digital arts at Pompeu University in Fabra. Between 2004 and 2007 I sudied art jewellery at Escola Massana, where I discovered my interest in materials and recycled objects. I make one of a kind pieces, mixing images, using recycled objects and noble materials.


Currently I work at my studio YOMisma-design.com, complementing jewellery with graphic design.


I’m captivated by my work and want to believe that there is hope for a better future, based in the using of renewable energy, appealing to the intuitive transformation of discarded man made materials, preserving the imprint of their function, form and memory, enhancing the added value through hand craft.

Dialogue and delicate treatment that reclaims the artisans work, translated into a unique piece, object or design with a DNA of color and diversity.






JoyaBrava is a non-profit trade union association that gathers more than 30 contemporary Chilean jewellers, who work the jewellery as a means of artistic expression,  investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.

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