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Jacques Lacan states that reality is 'impossible to imagine' contrast 


with the imaginary and symbolic functions of the body.


I am interested in definitions and understanding of the body.


What does a body mean? How can we build or to build a body?


In this series I want to represent how the force of the body can be used for 


stand up to social injustice, sexism, aggression, violence and the 




I do not intend or want to use traditional body realistic approaches, but 


my personal way of expressing the presence, absence and isolation of the body 


in a physical and philosophical way.


Taking flowers as my main source of inspiration, symbolic y 


figuratively, i decided to create crudely formed jewelry objects y 


furiously built.


The bodies (flowers) become abstract images, built from 


small fragments representing different expressions of mental state y 




Different textures, different parts, some hairy, some soft, some 


cracked like wounds...


Each of them tells a seemingly random story, according to mi 


own interpretation of the flower as a cultural, social and religious symbol.


Jorge Manilla

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