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Sustaining the Uncertainty

Joya Brava - Francisca Kweitel

September 27 Simultaneous exhibitions within the context of the
III Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2022, November, Brazil Jewelry Week 2022 at the Mário de Andrade Library in São Paulo. Project funded by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, call for proposals 2022.

is the result of the work carried out under the mentorship of Francisca Kweitel in the workshop entitled "Distracting Instructions for a Confusing Approach". Originally, this workshop would be held in three encounters: the first in June 2019, the second in October, and at the beginning of 2020, the third. But a few weeks before the second stage we were surprised by the Social Outbreak, bringing an effervescent, confusing, and convulsed atmosphere, which will remain in our memory as an emblematic moment for Chile. Even so, we managed to organize our second group session. The third and last encounter was left standby, waiting for a better moment to get back together.
But life wanted something else, a global pandemic began and of course that meeting could not take place.


This exhibition is the result of our obstinacy and our commitment, not only with the group and our tutor, but also with ourselves. It shows the need for creation as a resistance to face difficult times and the fortune of having each other as a group.



JoyaBrava - Jorge Castañón

2018, September-November, Museum of the History of Costume, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JoyaBrava Exhibition framed in the II Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery, Buenos Aires. 


The year 2017 JoyaBrava invites the outstanding argentine jeweller Jorge Castañón to work under his tutorship.

Daring to enter the inner world of each one, through an intense and profound process, where one grows and talks with oneself and others, was the challenge proposed by Castañón. "Interiors", brings together all our differences and convergences as a group, embodied in pieces of paper, porcelain, metals, textiles and other materials, which give corporeity to our pains, joys, hopes, affections and commotions.



JoyaBrava - Jorge Manilla

2018, June, Cultural Corporation of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

2018, August, ARTSantiago Fair, Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile.

2017, September - October, 'Off Joya Barcelona', Handicrafts Center of Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

2017, May - June, 'Legnica Jewellery Silver Festival', Art Station, Railway Station, Legnica, Poland.

2017, March, Munich Jewellery Week, 3 Stations Studio, Munich, Germany.


The renowned Mexican-Belgian artist Jorge Manilla, invited by JoyaBrava, developed a tutorial for each participating member, along with the subsequent general curatorship of the sample. The starting point of the research focuses on the "aesthetics of the everyday", from whose observation and interpretation arise 20 "Common Stories". Each one constructs a new look on identity, making evident what, because it is so present, has become invisible.


JoyEros: Eroticism, Jewellery, Body

2016, September, Circuit Symposium in Construction II, Valparaíso, Chile.

2014, October, El Lavadero Gallery, Off Joya Barcelona, ​​Spain.


Jewellery and eroticism share a common territory: both involve the body; but, it was not about narrating through a literal form / image, the erotic; neither was it intended to perform functional and / or ornamental apparatus for arousal; the aesthetic-erotic objects resulting from this proposal were to be built as signals or signs that promised or announced pleasure from a personal perspective.


"QUILTRO: no defined origin"

2015, October, re-edited. El Lavadero Gallery, Off Joya Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain.

2012, March, José Fernández Folk Art Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011, July- November, Design Gallery, La Moneda Palace Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile. 


The pieces on display represent the particular vision of each author, with respect to the meaning of the "Quiltro" concept. For some, the degradation of the pure, for others the mixture and the random, the wild and the uncontrollable, or the triumph of the species over the races ...

With daring and non-traditional proposals, the national creators push the limits of the portable, using new materials, questioning the meaning of the adornment and inviting to free the mind when choosing a "jewel".



Joyabrava - Argentine Jewelers

2016, April, Casa Prochelle I, Valdivia, Chile.

2016, March, MAD, Santiago, Chile.

2015, September, José Hernández Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


Joya Brava is invited by Joyeros Argentinos, with this unique premise: "Figuraciones". Figure, to figure, figuration; words that from the same root allude to images that do not finish defining themselves, or are shown without too much reason, or that usurp the place of reality. Figurations with more than sixty artists who present us with an exhibition rich in conceptual, formal and material research; in which each jeweller approaches from his own universe.



2014, March, April and May, Codelco Cultural Hall, Santiago, Chile

2014, October, JOYA BARCELONA Fair, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

2013, October, Cultural Corporation of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

2013, October, Municipal Theater of Rancagua, Rancagua, Chile. 


The initiative was to establish a cross between contemporary jewellery and chilean cultural heritage, so the Association "Joya Brava" proposed a work in which more than thirty jewellers developed pieces based on conceptual criteria and reflections on the Latinoamerican Baroque Movement and its profound influence, which persists to this day in chilean popular culture. The result is a set of works that are organized under three criteria: body, soul and ornament, and that shows the work that jewellers developed as a synthesis of the conceptual criteria of the Baroque and its interpretation from the use of copper.

postales VaniaR.jpg


2014, March, Author's Fair, Bucharest, Romania.

2012, September - October, Hall Showcase National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile


Reflecting on the language of color, experimenting with alloys and mixtures of materials to achieve the required tone, jewellers think about concepts of meaning and significance, where composition, materiality and space interact in the same color generating innumerable cultural, territorial, spiritual, emotional, political readings and personal convictions, that can be read when a piece of jewellery is taken to the field of "meanings".

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