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JOYABRAVA builds the vision of Chilean contemporary jewelry, understanding it as a mean of expression, reflection and development of artistic critical thinking.


From a "sudaca" perspective -a derogatory term used in Spain for South Americans- we emerge as key actors in the creation and strengthening of a cultural territory, marked by an attitude of resistance.


As a group, we are constantly working and researching our identity from a political perspective, questioning the limits and symbolic implications of the pieces we produce. Creating a tension with traditional jewelry.

Brave jewelers from JOYABRAVA, are setting up a core language with which they generate a body of work that will last over time.


Breaking the barriers, dumping our subjectivity into the world, are some of the ways in which we dispute a symbolic territory. In this new perspective, "our imaginary is our gold"


JOYABRAVA proposes a revaluation of the object and its materiality as a wearable art. Claiming the gesture, thinking with our hands, experimenting and projecting pieces that dialogue with our context.


Over time we have been forging a character that defines us as brave jewelers: consequents, activists, playful, visceral, risky, and committed.


It is the time to be more than a landscape.


The time for JOYABRAVA has arrived.



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