Pia Walker

I understand jewellery as an apparatus for experimentation, for interpretation. First of all the interaction of design as intellectual knowledge, as an evolutionary process. Second, the investigation of technologies that can be applied to hand and industrial processes. Being the experience with the material a relevant point for the dialog between what we know and what we experience. Opening a debate for exchange in the field of contemporary jewellery.

This way the body manipulates a relation between the natural and the artificial.

It is a prepared matter, manufacturated and industrialized. MATERIALEZA: NEW MATERIA LANDSCAPE

The body is not alone surrounded by things… but it is the body that has gotten into the objects

José Morales



JoyaBrava is a non-profit trade union association that gathers more than 27 contemporary Chilean jewellers, who work the jewellery as a means of artistic expression, investigating and experimenting with materials, concepts and processes.

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