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Pia Walker Larraín

Santiago, Chile.

Contemporary Designer and Jeweler with studies in Jewelery at the Escola D 'Art i Oficis in Barcelona and Industrial Design in Chile. In 2010, together with 4 jewelers, she formed the first Association of Contemporary Jewelers Joya Brava, thus managing to develop Contemporary Jewelery both in Chile and abroad.  She participates in a series of group exhibitions in galleries, museums and fairs, seminars, workshops with well-known international jewelers and contribute in the management of projects that promote jewelery collectively.


"I understand jewelry as a portable object for experimentation. For interpretation. The discovery of a trigger that catches my attention, an intellectual investigation, inspiration and references, an evolutionary process in interaction with design, accompanied by an investigation of technologies, application of artisanal and industrial processes, experience with materials, in this way they dialogue knowledge with experience, opening a debate to the expression of contemporary jewelry. I research the power of language in society, Latin American contradictions, social contradictions, themes that inspire me when it comes to communicating. "

"The body is not only surrounded by things ... but it is the body that has gotten into objects." Jose Morales

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