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Ana Nadjar Schirado

Santiago, Chile.

Designer from the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. After having worked as a designer and photographer, she decides to deepen her design studies by learning fine jewelry in Spain. In the last 6 years, Contemporary Jewelery has attracted her as a portable art, where emotion and experimentation are the pillars that shape the work. She loves to make objects that will be carried by others and that will accompany them in their day to day, generating a communication channel through them. She has participated in exhibitions in Chile, Amsterdam, Spain, Germany, Poland, and the United States. In 2016 she was selected for Joya Barcelona as an individual artist, and in 2018 she won the annual promotion of the Mydaybyday Gallery, in Rome.


"I work with the" insignificant ", revaluing it. I give it a sustained look to reflect on how we will be trapped if we do not learn from our blind decisions. We often forget that our world is a great interrelated network. All within the context of the second chance, using and giving another meaning to an apparently insignificant object, using objects independent of their real function.

I am interested in working with the absurd and nonsensical.

Offering the observer another look, joining elements that are never together to surprise him/her".

Strange’ Bug Collection (Weirdo Collection)

Bugs have a duality that catches my attention, that feeling that I don't know if I like them or they scare me, always bordering on the ugly, but sometimes they surprise me with their colors and shapes and I end up finding them beautiful.

I believe that life also has this side that we do not like and want to forget, what we are afraid to fulfill, what abandoned us, what was not and where nothing is perfect, and the beautiful side with bright colors, which continues to amaze us with its surprises full of mystery.

Poetic Toys Collection

Trying to understand the world from my corner where the absurd and humor go hand in hand, poetic toys that reflect my world where reason is an illusion, we are fragments of stories united by emotions.

My goals: to think and laugh.

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