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All this happened in Chile in October 2013

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During the month of October, more than 15 activities organized by our JoyaBrava Jewelers Association took place in Chile. Taking as a starting point the Fifth Meeting of Silversmiths and Goldsmiths in the city of Rancagua, numerous exhibitions, conferences, workshops and events were added in different parts of our country, to give rise to the first month of Jewelry in Chile called "Epicenters" .The events brought together jewelers from all over Latin America, who were part of this celebration in a month full of activities that deepened from the role of Contemporary Latin American Jewelry, to ancestral techniques brought from the most traditional regions of our continent.

The starting point was initiated on October 3 by the Las Condes Cultural Corporation, with the inauguration of the exhibitions "Baroque Persistence" by JoyaBrava, "Conjunción" a collective installation of Argentine contemporary jewelry and "Emotions" by Japanese Lacquer applied to Contemporary Jewelry. . The group of samples set a pattern of quality, assembly and exhibition level not seen before in our country, with a set of samples that ranged from color, installation and the historical obscurantism of the Baroque, demonstrating the complexity and value that jewelry can tackle .

On the theme of Latin American jewelry exhibited in these exhibitions, on October 15, a series of conferences were held by different specialists: the Swiss artist Francine Schloeth, organizer of the "Emotions" exhibition of Laca Japonesa, the prominent writer , professor at the Massana School the Catalan Carles Codina, the Argentine artists Francisca Kweittel and Marina Molinelli, organizers of “Conjunción”, the historian and curator of the exhibition “Baroque Persistence” Rolando Baez and the outstanding artist and Colombian jewelry teacher Nuria Carulla. 


Continuing in the month of October, various exhibitions, workshops and conferences took place in numerous rooms in Chile, which gave shape to the red  "Epicentros" . In the Hall of the cité Jofré, the brave jeweler  Caco Honorato  exhibited together with his workshop-school, in the exhibition_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-158bad5cf58d_ “Intemperie” , in homage to Roberto Bolaño and to the development of the idea that poets should go back to the weather of language to leave comfort behind and begin originality. Nearby, in the Italia neighborhood at the SOFA Gallery, six former students of the  Pamela de la Fuente Jewelry School  set up the exhibition “Vital Connections” , where personal stories seek to become universal, giving rise to new connections. Organized by the Pamela de la Fuente Jewelry School itself, the renowned Catalan jewelry writer and teacher Carles Codina  taught an intensive two-day course in the Bellavista neighbourhood. Close to all these events in Recoleta at the Museum of Decorative Arts, organized by the Italian School  Alchimia  y_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d Claudia's Jewelry School_ Correa , se montó exposicion  “Delirium and Sanity” , an exhibition made up of 26 jewelers, 17 Chileans and 9 of them students of the prestigious Alchimia jewelry school in Florence, Italy .

Moving to regions, they joined  Valparaíso  with the sample  ”With the Orfebres Gallery , exhibition organized by the Orfebres del work of 12 jewelers from the area who made pieces entirely with native materials from Chile. Also in Valparaíso, more than 40 jewelers from Latin America gathered to carry out the first version of  BrainChile , the workshop led by Carles Codina and Ricardo Domingo, who gave a conference open to the Buenos Aires public that included a great call at el  Valparaíso Cultural Park . Finally, Valdivia joined with the exhibition  "Seismic: Contemporary jewelry from the south inspired by the Earthquake” , works by  Constanza Soto ,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Andrea Silva  y  Luis Quijada,  based on the new transversal experiences of the earthquake from the new experiences of the earthquake that emerge from the destruction.

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