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Noelle Labarthe


Name of the work: "Visceral Echoes"


Phrase: " I touch the soft and sweet viscera."


Statement: This series represents the intimate connection of the organic functions that we perform unconsciously, asleep, like automatons...

We breathe, digest, purify, eliminate, evacuate to start the life cycle again, day by day, moment by moment, in this instant...


Through these pieces, I accept things as they come to be in stillness most of the time and feel, collaborate with the visceral throb of life.

May each breath be an echo of the seeds of creation.


May my viscera be recipients of the flow of existence.

May my organs fulfill their functions from the depths of my being.

Let the fluids gush out of my basal existence bowl doing a molecular introspection...

May this living wave from my feeling in an endless dual circle.

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