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Autoretrato- Sandra Álvarez_edited.jpg

Sandra Carolina Álvarez Tapia

Vallenar, Chile.

She began her jewelry studies in 2022 at the Pamela de Fuente School, where she quickly focused her work on contemporary jewelry. Born and raised in the third region, her imagination is inhabited by the blooming desert, the abundant absence, and the bare geology of the territory. Her interests always reflect on memory, loss, and forgetting.

The creation of her pieces is experimental, relying on various materials that contribute to the themes, generally recycling.

She has exhibited her work in various exhibition spaces across the country.


"My work has focused on loss and forgetting, the deterioration of semantic and spatial memory with all the forms that inhabit it, losing oneself when the world becomes larger than our knowledge of it. This space, contemporary jewelry, is where I choose to speak and reflect, embodying my ruminating thoughts in wearable pieces.

I work with objects that once meant something to someone and today have no meaning or place other than being trash; materials collected from the city or nature, textile recovery, among others. I approach each theme from a personal place, researching, experimenting, and playing. With each piece, I laugh, cry, and speak to them about my reflections as if, in doing so, I breathe life into them. All that mental weight transforms into a piece of jewelry that no longer belongs to me."

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