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​November 2012

Workshop "Positioning the contemporary jeweler in the world"

Exitoso Workshop "Posicionando al joyero contemporáneo en el mundo" por Ricardo Domingo.


Ricardo Domingo arrived in Chile with one or another borderline adventure to tell...despite this, he did not spare energy to prepare and advise our partners in the exciting adventure of launching into the international market,  with a view to the International Fair Inhorgenta 2013, Munich.

It was a fruitful day that had a great call. We had the visit of Soledad Valdés, representative of Pro-Chile, who gave us her support in this initiative.

The testimonies of Liliana Ojeda, Mónica Pérez and Paulina del Fierro, who have participated in several opportunities in international fairs, contributed to the conversation, with their experience of fairs carried out by hand and self-management.

This workshop and the subsequent professional consultancies carried out were possible thanks to the sponsorship of Pro-Chile and the management of JoyaBrava.


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