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Carola Donoso Rojas

Santiago, Chile.

Since 1997 he has been dedicated to jewelery with her own workshop, producing and marketing author’s jewelery.

To this day, she continues to learn diverse techniques of the trade. Since 2008 she has followed a path of artistic experimentation incorporating other materials, giving them another meaning and resignifying them.

Since 2018 she has been part of JOYA BRAVA.


"To capture the ideas and images in jewelry-portable objects, conceptualized images that arise from feelings and emotions, in conjunction with the development of the ideas of a theme. Using jewelry techniques, their conventional metals and stones, sewing and embroidery by my training as a costume designer, which I have been able to join and have gone flowing with the freedom that contemporary jewelry gives. Using discarded, forgotten, abused and injured objects, collected in my way. Woods, threads, stones, fabrics, wires ... Decorated to hide their fragility and vulnerability.

Daily reflections of today's life in the city ".

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