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Cecilia Roccatagliata Barra

Santiago, Chile.

She began her jewelry studies in the 90s, always with a vision of rather sculptural, large-format jewelry. Attracted by ethnic jewelry, jewelry with meaning, tradition and symbolism.

In 2009, she entered to Joya Brava and began to gain insight into the world of contemporary jewelry, having the opportunity to take many workshops with masters and artists of this discipline.

It could be said that her first important workshop, in which this concept was questioned and worked on, was with Jorge Manilla in Mexico in 2010; this was in the framework of the Gray Area Symposium held in Mexico City, where many exhibiting artists met from the world of contemporary jewelry.

From there her perception and creative work changed, beginning to create meaningful pieces and images that made emotions and reactions felt, and that told stories, generating an expressive language that arises from her experiences.

Also in the materiality that she has been using until now there has been an evolution, starting with the metal that always uses it in different proportions, she has experimented with plastic, resin, wood, ceramics, textiles, recycled and an endless number of materials that provide a universe possibilities of expression.


"In my work I express emotions, I am interested that my pieces speak through materials and forms, that they are capable of telling stories.

My work has to do with the senses and images, there is no coding, it is not explained, it is felt. I do not mean to make "clichés".

In my creative process I observe and perceive the world, concentrating on details that I highlight and reflect on, translating them into the design of my pieces. I use different materials that identify my emotions.

There is an organic manifestation that is outside the utilitarian context of jewelry, there is a transgression to the concept of the jewelry format, generating an expressive language that arises from experiences. I want to evoke images that give meaning to my experience. Each material is the protagonist and contributes its own essence, which when mixed intuitively recovers a unity, they are a creative possibility ".

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