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Cecilia Roccatagliatta


Name of the work: "Earthy Shields"

Phrase: Repetitive fixation points. Black and dry smell. Rough cold. The scale compensates the heavy odor. The protective shield devastates the black dust. The gravid scale drives the smoky dry cold soil.


In this series I seek expression through fixed and repetitive forms, provoking stimulus that affect the senses of those who observe them, inviting them to perceive from the instinctive, rather than rationalize.

Part of this creation offers the possibility of carrying it on the body, but it also has the sculptural virtue and of installation.

The base of these pieces is black stoneware ceramic, transmitting presence and strength, in addition to evoking in the pieces an indigenous and primitive weight that shows and transmits protective shields.

My work consists of various materials such as ceramics, dyed threads and ropes, simple and organic shapes, dry and soft textures of which the visual and the physical come from a subtle roughness or a coarse subtlety that, although contradictory, refers to my context of the ancestral and tribal.

Through this creative process that I carry within me, I return to the earthy cold that envelops us from time to time, transmitting through its balance and equilibrium a symbol of alertness and protection to those who observe it and those who wears it.

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