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Clarisa Menteguiaga

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with residence in Santiago, Chile since 2002. Her main interests revolve around the environment and the conservation of species. She has developed work related to the Anthropocene, pollution, animal abuse, threatened species, among other topics. She develops multidisciplinary work in contemporary jewelry, objects, body interventions, etching, illustration and photography, researching in the combination of techniques and materials. He has participated in exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Romania, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.


“My artistic work focuses on the abusive relationship that man has with the environment: oil spills, pollution and loss of habitat, among other devastating consequences. I work with a wide variety of materials such as metal, porcelain, paper and objects collected from the nature.

We represent what touches us deeply. To me the roots and insects, their antennas and rhizomes. The old trunks, the spiral sprouts, the branches, the immobile stones, the moving thorns. The falling drops, the invisible mitochondria, the spores, the dormant seeds. The bones, the bulbs, the wings, the fruits, the blackberries, the weeping willows. The ball bugs, the wisteria, the camalotes. The disasters that we made with them, death, torture, suffering, disappearance...

I baste it, weld it, knit it, tie it, etch it, glue it, sew it, rivet it, paint it, photograph it, and it's always the same: the little treasures and the pain I have."

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