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 Constanza Bielsa


Name of the work: “Static movement”

Phrase: Meditating on the icy white dawn, the clear washed out dampness.

Recover to-love.

Statement:  I build light bodies of papers, I assemble empty volumes whose wrapping seeks to appear rigid, static and heavy. Through layers created from transformed cardboard pulp, other layers of translucent white paper and brushstrokes of a cold glue slurry and water, I add textures and colors with everyday materials: curry, pepper, sea salt, colored chili pepper, metal powder.

In the drying process between layer and layer, these bodies are shown in constant transformation, as living matter, united and melting until they achieve their own identity. Metal structures, volumes of paper and cardboard pulp, humidity, pigments, spices and time are tanning and shaping a series of volatile, light but firm, powerful and energetic stones, transforming their inert matter into dynamic and living matter.

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