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Daniela Jazmín Cortés Vidal

Santiago, Chile.

Born on the outskirts of Santiago, she grew up among broken streets, houses built like large Frankensteins, dust in the summer, mud in the winter, images that dominated the everyday landscape. Later, during her training as a nurse, the imaginary was supplemented with red and viscera, pain and tenderness, flesh and plastic.

She began her jewelry studies in 2022 at the Pamela de la Fuente School.


"Contemporary jewelry is the space where I can indulge in being provocative and controversial, causing discomfort with pieces that provoke conversation and reflection, generating sensations and visceral reactions. It is my outlet, my way of shouting out feelings, discomforts, and thoughts that were kept silent for years, and transforming an apparently erroneous vision into poetic images.

I am interested in the sublime and the ominous, in how we insert ourselves into the world through these concepts; how we enjoy and suffer them, how we live and die from our own corporeality, the corporeality of others, the collective corporeality, the corporeality of animals and plants, the corporeality of water, of the earth, and the intangible corporeality. I strive to step out of established stereotypes, seeking my own language.".

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