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Caco Honorato School

Basic and advanced jewelry classes. Various programs. Creative approach. 

Custom: maximum 5 banks.

Grooms Workshop.

Classes to institutions.


Antonia Lopez de Bello 80. Casa Del Sol Workshop.,

JOY-ART Goldsmith Workshop, Valdivia.

In the workshop you will learn to work metal starting from the basic techniques which you will immediately apply to the jewels you create.

The workshop aims to motivate the free search for one's own style through the techniques learned and to experiment with the combination of metal with other materials that are available, such as: plastics, wood, leather, recycled, etc... in order to create a unique jewel. and contemporary.

The time spent learning the techniques will depend on the goals that each student sets for themselves, according to their interests and abilities.

Andrea Silva Olavarria


Austria 2172, Valdivia

cell phone 54147673

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