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Joyce Marín Seguel

Santiago, Chile.

Her beginnings in jewelry are undoubtedly with fishing and walks with her father. Prepare the rod, tebos, floats and weights, they developed an approach with their current job. In Quito, she began her jewelry studies, specializing in pre-Columbian goldsmithing at the U. Católica del Ecuador, a disseminator of contemporary jewelry in Quito. Later in Chile, under the guidance of Francisca Kweitel, she carried out her project Rojo; research on passion, what moves the human being. “I am extreme, movement, I am sweaty, I am heavy and light at the same time. I am beats".


“Contemporary jewelry places me in a context of portable art; a point of view and poetic sense. The freedom to choose materials and dimensions reflecting situations and emotions. I love creating stories with my objects that, generally, are made of recycled material; this allows me to create without limits or techniques."

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