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Liliana Ojeda


Name of the work: "Senile field"


Phrase: Disappear. It is noted that it is long-lived because there is no disappearance of anything. His precarious tenderness is worthy of being loved with the coldness of time. And the fold of its translucent presence allows me to live with the ease that falls apart.



Society teaches us to value the new, the immaculate and turgid. At the same time that it imposes on us a terror of aging, wrinkling and going into decadence. As if that was the time to think about death and suffering. However, internally we know that we begin to die at birth and that we suffer at different stages of life. These days we probably spend thirty years of our lives being old. Why this reluctance to grow old?

I was interested in this phenomenon because jewelry also represents the same values. I confront them because I see beauty in the last stage of life in many dimensions. And I want to materialize them with my works. In them I show human fragility and the passage of time. I use orange and grapefruit peel that I recycle from the daily consumption of my home, a material that I combine with porcelain and metal.

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