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Loreto Fernández Ormazabal

Dedicated to the creation and teaching of art and craft trades, she begins as a printmaker and photographer developing her art work in these areas; the closeness and attraction to metal work leads to jewelry. Since 2009, she creates her Amuleto Jewelry workshop where she has developed her work in research and development of Artistic Jewelry; she has been a member of JOYA BRAVA since 2011 with whom she has held multiple exhibitions at the national and international level; seminars and workshops, attending to the acquisition of new learning and rethinking of this profession. 


"Contemporary jewelry for me is a creative and conscious act, based on research and finding new or different languages, exploration of materials or simply a different look to create the discourse. It is a means of expression, an artistic language that involves a certain reflection and conceptualization in how and with what I intervene a body or space, to present my imaginary".

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