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Macarena Paz Hott Recondo

Osorno, Chile.

Jeweler based in the south of France for 23 years. Attracted by craftsmanship in general and jewelry in particular, she trained in this discipline, obtaining the State Diploma BMA (Art of Jewelry and Gem) in Marseille. After gaining experience in traditional jewelry, she developed technical skills in different fields, with work experiences in the luxury jewelry world.

She naturally gravitated towards contemporary and author jewelry, feeling the need to express herself through artistic and meaningful jewelry. Currently, since 2017, she has been creating her own designs and collections in her workshop-gallery located in the village of Séguret in the south of France. Additionally, she has been a member of the Syndicate of Art Trades (Ateliers d'art de France) since 2021.


 "My personal work is characterized by favoring geometric and pure forms. Through them, I seek to capture the essential and express in a pure and substantial way my reflections on our society, increasingly focused on superficial needs. In this way, my craftsmanship takes on a political dimension that invokes the commitment of the 'I' as an artisan and my involvement in our society.

Instinctively, and as a way to maintain unconscious connections, my work is articulated between what I experienced during my childhood in southern Chile, my time in Santiago, and my experiences in France. Combining experiences and emotions expressed through materials and forms gives rise to a multicultural work. Through my work, I aspire to capture the essence of multiculturalism and celebrate the diversity that enriches our society. Each piece I create is the result of a dialogue between different cultures and traditions, reflecting my commitment to inclusion and mutual understanding.

My approach focuses on merging traditional elements with modern concepts. Materials from traditional jewelry bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to my pieces, while unconventional materials in jewelry, taken out of context, add an element of authenticity and cultural rootedness."

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