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Mónica Díaz Pinto

Concepción, Chile.

Before leaving the classroom as a Visual Arts teacher, she began studying goldsmithing in 2006, since then she has participated in several workshops to learn about different techniques. The techniques that have captivated her to this day are lost wax, Japanese lacquer and porcelain; giving her the possibility of incorporating color and volume to the pieces, bringing it closer to the sculptural. She is currently experimenting with textiles, applying different techniques.

Confronted squarely in Contemporary Jewelry, she finds a space of freedom and creativity to conceive a narrative for her memories and imaginary. 



"My jewels are free of conventionalism or they pretend that they are, they have roots in the history of this land, in my own history, in the traces that time leaves, in human fragility and resilience.

I have always tried to create my own language, to transform images into footprints full of tangible and portable metaphors.

It is up to the language of art to create meanings and what better than to make a representation of one's own memories, reviewing the inner corners since childhood, the cosmology of native peoples, the roots, the land, also the changes produced by age, life, pain, the sadness of losing loved ones, death, justice and the swarm of skin colors.

I like to think that the pieces have a purifying power. That they are guardians of the body, being able to be carried as shields, giving them a sense of power and strength".

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