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Mónica Pérez


Name of the work: "Phoenix"


Phrase: "Painting with dark smoke the sadness. Peeling yellow pores after the barricade."



It exploded, burned and was reborn amid the dark and spicy smoke, toxic and mysterious, to the rhythm of ta ta tatata! 


Heat, uncontrolled, percussive, violent, magical, with a sour and bitter / sweet taste; ugly and beautiful; adrenaline rush but terrifying; saddens, scares and excites; it is bipolar above all. 


Smell of sprays and a sewer and a grill. Incinerate life, squeeze it, tear it apart inside the fire. To see every piece wriggling. The smoke rises, chokes, dizzies you, cries, hurts and dissipates, revealing what emerges from the barricade. 


On its sticky and chewy, tarry ashes, it burst, burned and reborn, again and again….

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