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Natalia Saldías Donoso

Valparaíso, Chile.

Since she was little, she was always interested in the theme of ornamentation, experimenting with what was within her power to make the first attempts at jewelry and designs... The experience with new techniques and materials is always a challenge: stones, resins, acrylics, leather, felt, wax, polymers, paper, wood, found objects, etc. A constant discovery ... that allows her to sculpt unique pieces that give those who wear them a personal stamp. Degree in Design with a specialty in the field of Graphics, at the University of Valparaíso; Chile. Graduated from the Artistic Jewelery career at the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de Valéncia, in Spain. 


"As a jeweler, I have always been interested in the figurative, the movement and the use of color; recurring elements in my work. Including the playful and iconic in my pieces is something quite usual that without looking it peeks out ... I think it transports me to my childhood, to my memories and dreams.

Communicating through exploration and play attracts me greatly. Jewelry is for me a means of expression and communication, it is to be able to deliver a message, a sensation, a feeling or an important moment in my life, it is to pay tribute to someone or something that it represent or I admire. Using portable elements on our body is a very special space that allows us not only to adorn ourselves or help us feel more beautiful, but also allows us to transmit a reflection, a wish or a thought to a third party that we may never get to know".

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