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Pamela de la Fuente Sepúlveda

Viña del Mar, Chile.

She began her Jewelry studies in 1997 to begin teaching in 2003. Creator of the School that bears her name, founder of the first Association of Contemporary Chilean Jewelers Joya Brava, she held the position of President between 2010- 14. Her work has focused on teaching and management, effectively collaborating with the current development of Jewelry in recent years in Chile. In her work as a jeweler, she highlights the creation of innovative lines, venturing in the early 2000s into the creation of jewelry with recycled computer parts, giving new life to objects, shapes and materials that were not intended to be a jewel. She has served as ambassador of the magazine specialized in Contemporary Jewelry AJF, as part of the Advisory Committee of the Crafts area of ​​the Ministry of Culture and as director of the Guild Association of Jewelers and Watchmakers of Chile, her work is present in the national catalog of Chilean artists from the MNBA. 


"In my work as a jeweler I have always combined technical research with the exploration of the most diverse materials. The search to extract beauty by venturing into crosses that would not have logic or space in the first instance, giving new life to objects, shapes and materials that they would not have been destined to be or to be part of a jewel.

This is how I explored, at the beginning of 2000, in the creation of jewelry with pieces of computer waste, to later incorporate oil, photography, the casting of antique bronze pieces, from furniture from other times and fusion of simple materials such as bread and onion. All these materials with an almost intact beauty reproduce and take new places, subtly hiding, requiring a second look to be discovered, since they never lose their original forms completely. These investigations into techniques and materialities have been the support of various inspirations that always haunt the adulthood problematics, of the unresolved, of longings, of the lost, of that pleasant aesthetic, but that hides history and pain, that is they present with the haughty beauty of any jewel, but without hiding its origin".

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