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Pascale  Durandin Huyghe

Santiago, Chile.

As a child, making jewelry attracted her attention; In her family environment there were jewelry craftsmen to admire, silver beads, stone beads, tools, in short, treasures that motivated her to seek jewelry classes at the age of 15. When she left school she wanted to be an apprentice to Jeweler Amalia Chaigneau (1990/1991), one of the people from her family environment who showed her this beautiful craft. Looking for schools, she came across the Alchemy jewelry workshop (1992/1994); then she works for them and so she continues to learn.  
She has always been attracted to indigenous crafts for its symbolism and meaning, and she was presented with the possibility of being an assistant and apprentice to the Hopi jeweler (native Arizona tribe) in Kodiak Alaska in a cultural exchange in 1997, where she also did classes. She deepens her learning, participating in some workshops in Pennsylvania at the “Touchstone center for arts and crafts” in 1999 (Setting, Gold, Mokume).  
Later she decides to open a shop and show jewelry as an art, as she has always felt. This is how ONZA was born, a store for the sale and exhibition of contemporary jewelry (2006/2008). This was a very interesting experience in which she met many of Joya Brava's colleagues before she was formed. She is sure that "we still have a long way to go as an association learning in this art / craft."  
Finally she decides to work using her name "Joyas Pascale Durandin". Today she has a shop/workshop in Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.

"Making Power Jewels is what makes sense to me, it is the need to dress the body with the soul, it is to remember what our magic is and that each person wears their piece with their unique intention and energy."

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