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Patricia Iglesias


Name of the work: "Nomadic weaving, that nothing was everything"


Phrase: "To run… the immensity and the eternal being. Patient actuate of infinite neutral contemplation."


Statement: "Feel that silence, feel that immensity where I was nothing and was everything." Cristina Zárraga


I weave around a cord, obsessively constructing wefts with stiches of different origin. As I intuitively weave openings, bridges, connections, and bowls, I connect with my unconscious to shape these pieces. I dye with natural dyes, some extracted directly from the silent landscapes that I inhabit. I weave and sew by joining small pieces to assemble them into one, like someone who builds a home that carries on his back, like the nomad who carries his memories with him, transferring all his past and leaving the story incomplete. In my textile I stretch and roll, move forward and return, I build mouthlets and containers, like someone who wants to be and go out at the same time.

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