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Rita Soto Ventura

Santiago, Chile.

She is an artist and designer, lives in Santiago, Chile. She studied Industrial Design at the Metropolitan Technological University and Cultural Management at the University of Chile. She worked collaborating on various Crafts and Design projects. Since 2002 she has immersed herself in the jewelry craft learning from her father. In 2012 she formed the LAJOIA Jewelery School. Between 2014 and 2018 she held the position of President of the JOYABRAVA Association.

She has developed a deep work of relevance of the traditional micro basketry technique, researching, experimenting and generating pieces that stand out for their innovation and sensitivity. Receiving recognition for her work and participating in various international Contemporary Jewelry circuits.

Awarded 2nd Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry, LOEWE Craft Prize 2018 finalist, participates in LOOT: MAD About Jewelry 2019, Enjoiat'19 Awards finalist, Giogiello in Fermento 2020-21 finalist.



"My work arises from the search for my own language and textile experimentation, working for many years with natural fibers and traditional basketry techniques from my country, added to the knowledge of the jewelry craft that has allowed me to generate a proposal around to textile bodies and wefts. Creating biomorphic objects, textile creatures that dialogue between the organic and the poetic, weaving identities, interweaving imaginary. Transforming these objects into pieces of art jewelry ”.

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