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Soledad Ávila


Name of the work: "The veiled look"


Phrase: The icy solitude encapsulates the celestial immensity and, faced with blind horror, I catch the calm sound and, placidly in the stillness, I float cold, ethereal, odorless.


Statement: "... It was submerged in such a luminous whiteness, so total, that it devoured not only the colors, but the things themselves and the beings, thus making them doubly invisible."

José Saramago, "Essay on blindness".


I make a parallel, an ironic comparison between my own clinical myopia and the myopia in which they plunged the entire country when the dictatorship ended.

I celebrated, like many, excited and euphoric the triumph of the NO and the “arrival of joy”. But my myopia, unlike that of the country, did not immediately prevent me from realizing that democracy came to the extent possible, impunity became a habit and we stopped seeing it. Joy? It came, but only for a few, for the many others it was a cheap and fuzzy mirage hidden between the show business, the malls, the visa and the booming neoliberal economy.

Sometimes in the face of the unspeakable and terrifying we prefer to isolate ourselves, squint and thus, seeing the blurred reality, we believe we are safe from what we cannot control.

These pieces are that blurred universe in which they wrapped us, where we do not see reality clearly, we only see what little they show us, what they want us to see.

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