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 Stefania Piccoli


Name of the work: "To Levitate"


Phrase: "I hold my breath, I reach for the sky even though my feet are heavy, I shed the warm and sad hardness."


Statement: When I allow myself to float, I can achieve my dreams and remember my own story in all its shades. Life is full of that, moments that we will not forget because they mark us, both joys and sorrows.

"Life wounds that one learns to carry”, a phrase that I rescued and that was born during the reflection of this project. By becoming aware of this phrase, I feel that I release a long-held emotion and transform it.

The fabric, the image fused in it and the metal that is attached to this shape, manage to connect me with that emotion, which has something nostalgic, but at the same time it gives me peace. Could it be that I got over it? I don't know, I don't think so, but I accept it and when I get to that point I release myself. And so, we remember and decipher our interior again. It is cyclical, it is part of our evolution.

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