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Stefania Piccoli Ramirez

Treviso, Italia.

She started in jewelry in the year 2000. She comes from the design area and she was attracted to having the possibility of designing and manufacturing at the same time; from a creative and also technical point of view it was a challenge. In 2002 he set up her workshop and from there began a time of much work and learning, between 2008 and 2012 she does jewelry classes.

She takes several technical courses and some more conceptual. This craft allows constant learning and research. Since 2010 she has participated in the Joya Brava Contemporary Jewelry association. In 2014 she had a break for personal issues and in 2019 she goes back to work. Technical and metal have always occupied her attention, but as the time goes by she has been integrating photography and textiles into her work, which opens up new paths.  


"I want to guide my work towards experimentation, which allows me to find ways to express an idea, an emotion. I am discovering different materialities and possibilities of using them to make sense of what I do. Create a jewel that could be worn by someone with the one that feels identified makes a lot of sense to me and motivates me to work".

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