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Yael Olave Munizaga

Santiago, Chile.

Chilean artist / jeweler and designer living in Barcelona.

She studied contemporary artistic jewelery at the Escola Superior Massana, Center for Art and Design in Barcelona. She has an extensive experience in exhibitions at national and international level.

In 2014 she was awarded the National Fondart for her project "South colors, handmade jewelry with recycled materials." She has been a finalist in the Enjoia’t 2018 awards, A-FAD, HUB design museum of Barcelona.

Since 2007 she has been a member of the Centro Artesania Cataluña / CCAM in Barcelona, ​​where she recently held the exhibition of the project "Clinical status, contemporary jewelry" at Flash de Artesanía, a corner dedicated to new trends in crafts.

She has been a member of Joya Brava since 2016, a member of the Allada Vermell association of artists and designers in Barcelona since 2019 and a member of the Fundación Artística de Chile, Brújula-Art.


"My proposal is based on reuse and recycling: once the object loses the meaning for which it was made, I take it and appeal to the intuitive transformation of the artificial materials already discarded. I keep the traces of its previous use, the form, the memory that gives us, and, in turn, I accentuate the added value of handwork. It is the dialogue and the delicate and respectful treatment that vindicates the craft of craftsman and is translated into a unique piece, object or tangible design with a DNA of color and diversity ".  


Clinical status: it is a contemporary jewelry project. It was born from a near life-threatening experience, which has led me, over five years, to experience processes and stages of a serious illness as a significant person.

Go through different interwoven and tangled states of mind such as anguish, hope, doubt, resilience, etc. And, at the same time, the gratitude of living in a country where equity, universality and equal basic rights such as housing, education and health are a priority.

We all deserve to live in a country where the Welfare State reigns. I tell my story through a humble work with waste that are not treasures, that embody the work of my hands and the feeling of a troubled heart.  


Habitat Project: "The unique life and I ephemeral, ethereal, nobody's soul"

Where my innocence lives, my memories, my inner child, my soul. If we were all convinced that the soul exists, everything would be radically different.

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