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Foto Ann Rehbein con Pieza_edited.jpg

Annabella Paz Rehbein Jofré

Viña del Mar, Chile.

Annabella began her jewelry training in 2005 through various workshops. Between 2018 and 2020, she pursued a career in Jewelry at the Pamela de la Fuente School, where she was the top graduate of her class. In February 2019, she was part of the staff that created one of the main works by artist Voluspa Jarpa, which was exhibited at that year's Venice Biennale, and in 2022, she was part of the collective exhibition "Joya, un espacio para construir Cuerpos" at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Santiago.

Additionally, she has trained through various courses and workshops in different textile techniques, the use of new materials, and collage.

She is currently participating in the Creation Workshop with Honorato + Vicencio Studio (since 2021), in textile workshops with Argentine artist Jessica Morillo (Ansiosa Hormona, since 2022), and is a workshop leader at the Collage School, which she has been part of since 2020.


"Through a permanent and intuitive search, I commit myself to capturing the fragility of the moment, connecting with stories, everyday and ephemeral lives, landscapes, and temporalities found in the precarious and volatile remnants of the passage of different bodies and territories. These are unnoticed stories that tell us their tales and intertwine with one's own history and identity. In this way, I explore and re-signify the possibilities offered by materials such as paper (from newspapers, books, street posters) and textiles, seeking to give them new and multiple lives different from their original ones. Hand in hand with jewelry, I weave everything into pieces that speak of serendipities, affections, attachments, time, and territory, thereby preserving them from the passage of time."

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