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Viviana Arévalo Gutiérrez

Santiago, Chile.

Visual Goldsmith Artist from the University of Chile. She has been selected to exhibit in the 1st copper creation contest "Minera Los Pelambres", 4th National Contemporary Jewelery Competition and at the III International Enamel on Metal Biennial "Ciudad Viña del Mar".

Her story is made up of joys and great sorrows, which sometimes merge and make the exercise of thinking of her life as an act that she avoids.

"Since I have memories, creating with my hands makes me happy, I didn't care that I was good or that other people understood me, I simply wanted to express something that shaped my inner world.

For this reason, at the end of school, I only had two alternatives; study art or become a hermit. As time went by, I discovered that I can be both and many more. Sometimes I am active, sometimes reflective, other times I take long naps and I also enjoy my dogs, sometimes I feel like a citizen of the cosmos (which is a way of feeling extraterrestrial), true to myself and that is expressed in my work, which I build from my own style that is inspired by fantastic worlds, animated series, childhood memories, among other things.

I am a hybrid being that transits between reality and dreams".


"I build my work from the autobiographical recreation with an emphasis on childhood, personal interests such as Oriental Culture, animation and the fantasy world, resulting in the creation of an aesthetic of my own imagination that includes the invention of characters with unique characteristics. I incorporate various techniques, the product of experimentation with various materials, mainly textiles, bringing together the past, the present and the non-existent".

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